Time for a rant

Well I havn’t had the best day today, mind you i’ve had a pretty shit week, so i think it is time to unleash the beast

BUT, I’ll start with something nice. Was riding down St Kilda Rd today when i saw something that caught my eye. There was a lady in front of me riding with a jacket on but she didnt have her arms through the sleeves. What made this really confusing is that there seemed to be attachable mittens on the ends of the sleeves. So as i was riding behind her i was seeing what seemed to be a person riding no-hander with their arms flaling in the wind, it reminded me of one of my favourite childhood friends.

Anyway. To the rant!

I am getting sick and tired of really shit drivers that nearly  kill me when im on my bike. For fucks sake, we live in a city where the number of cyclists are growing by the day, yet people still believe that when i am riding straight down a road it is ok to perform u-turns right in front of me. Lets see, 3 cars pulled out of parking spots, 2 VANS (right after eachother) pulled out a did a u-turn and a taxi grinded me into the curb. I have been riding my road bike lately because of my wheels getting stolen off my off my fixed gear and i thought it would be safer coasting. But fuck no, or maybe its just the holiday traffic. But just one day i would like to ride home without having to think of who is gonna pick me up from the hospital. I hate it how everyone these days has to get where they are going in the quickest time possible, i mean fuck. I’m not calling myself a slow rider or anything, i have been known to cause crashes or run red lights but i usually take risks when there is no traffic or if im with others who are looking out for each other. I know this whole rant just took a completely hypocritical turn but i cant help it im writing off the top of my head. I know there are problems like blind spots and that its not always easy to see cyclists, but jesus at this rate we’ll all be wiped off the road no matter how big and clear the bike lanes are.

I’m tired, thanks for reading.


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