Now you’re on the trolly

What better way to insult people, or just talk about everyday life, than in 1930’s slang.

Here are some phrases to get the ball rolling…


Man I had to make tracks, a meat wagon had rolled up because some moll had been slipped a mickey finn, and her pally was plenty rugged.

Man I had to leave quick, an ambulance had pulled up because a gangsters girlfriend had her drink spiked with knock-out drugs, and her friend was big and strong.

Some whacky stool pigeon told flat foot that the skin tickler had been passing off sourdough for salad, poor old patsy had to bleed and he aint done squat.

Some crazy police informant told the detective the drummer was using counterfeit for real money, the innocent man had to bribe the detective even though he did nothing.


Your filly is as cute as a bug’s ear, but she’s a dead hoofer at the clip joint.

Your girlfriend is very attractive, but she’s a terrible dancer at the nightclub or bar-house where patrons go to get drunk.

Only cost me a Lincoln to get a baby and all the way.

Only cost me a 5 dollar note to get a glass of milk and chocolate cake with fudge and cream.


This genius face was so dizzy with his dame, he gave his dukes and drumsticks just to get her a Cadillac.

This completely stupid white guy was so madly in love with a girl, that he gave his arms and legs just to get her a one ounce packet of cocaine or heroin.

The canary had all the cats and alligators hopping and doing the clam-bake, when some crumb jumped on the dog house and started gumming the works.

The female singer had all the people who liked swing music dancing and doing the wild swing, when some loser jumped on the double bass and caused the song to run less smoothly.


He aint hard-boiled this wet-smack is just a gunsel, we’ll have him on the hotsquat wearing a Chicago overcoat in no time.

He isn’t tough this unpopular person is just a gunman with a hint toward being a reckless loose cannon or young homosexual, we’ll have him on the electric chair and in a coffin in no time.

That jelly bean grifter gave your flame’s hocks a honey cooler over at the gin-mill

That unpopular con-man was kissing your girls feet over at the place that serves liquor, sometimes illegally.


Shake a leg chump, that Pachuco lunger is playing the gobble-pipe at the speakeasy, should be kippy.

Hurry up buddy, sometimes used sarcastically, that Mexican living in the Unites States who suffers from tuberculosis is playing the saxophone at the bar disguised as something else, should be neat.

Nuts! A whole sawbuck for some rot gut, you must be a wheat all togged to the bricks like that.

Telling someone they are full of nonsense! A whole 10 dollar bill for some prohibition home-made alcohol, you must be a person not used to cities all dressed up like that.

That Okie is off the cob, packing heat like a torpedo.

That out-of-towner is so corny, carrying a gun around like a hired goon.

Looks like this moll was pitchin woo, a real ring-a-ding-ding, when her smooth chump gave her the kiss off.

Looks like this gangsters side-girl was making love, having a real party, when her man, well dressed without qualification or suspected of being a gangster, killed her.


Some all wet Abercrombie is aces at bumping gums, and still he gets the tomato.

Some no good know-it-all is really good at talking about nothing, and still he gets a very attractive woman.

Gee I made a broadie, I thought I had a bulge over the butter and egg man, till I realized he had a buzzer and it wasn’t cabbage he was holding.

I made a mistake, I thought I had an advantage over the money man, until I realized he was a police officer and the color of his notes weren’t green.

Come on doll-face, shamus has only got me for my rod, says I was filling someone up with daylight, I’ll be living in the big house and not the cave.

Come on, a term used by a man pleading with his girlfriend, the detective has only got me for having a gun, says I was shooting people, I’ll be living in jail and not our house.


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