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a new song

Here it comes, the parade
Whether hail, sun or rain
And we march, all the same
For nothing, for no gain

Now join the club, get an A
Wear that shit, like we say
Come on in, don’t delay
Come and join, the parade

So send forth, your men
We need them now, all of them
To replace, this old hole
Which has become my soul

And even then, I’ll need more
To devour, to explore
My mind, as I walk
As I find what I want

Then it hits
Then it hits
And it hits
And it hits

And my mind, full of this
All this shit, when it hits
Oh it hits, just a bit
I’m in love, yes that’s it

All I need is this hit
I require, this is it
All I want is this hit
All I need, wait for it
Wait for me


When the catholic girls go camping, the nicotine vampires rule supreme.

i have found a new band, and these guys are the shit! they go by the name giraffes? giraffes! and they are the coolest nerds since McLovin. They fall into a new catagory/genre called Math Rock a sort of nerd inspired dancy rock with loads and loads of looping. For just two guys, the sounds they make are incredible, crazy I’ll admit, but damn addictive to listen to. The part i love the most though is their song titles, including such gems as;

A quick one, while she’s away

Fucking ants man! Where they coming from! (Lets hang the Carroll footnoteitsits)

Ko-ink-e-dink? I think not!

But my very favourite is this…

Shouted Jesus, “I’m fucking god-damn tired of all this make-up sex.” And he just stared off.

check them out they are terribly awesome i feel.

stay tuned