hair, lunch and funny observations

so for the last few days i have been involved in a very hectic rehearsal schedule for HAIR. the last three days have been from 10:30 till 4/5 depending on the day. as mentioned before, i am no MJ (R.I.P) of the d-floor so in a musical like HAIR i am struggling to keep up. but it is all worth it for the eye candy and kick-ass costumes we get to wear.


anyway all that movement made me hungry and i met the lovely steffi for lunch down on Chapel st. This brings me to the better part of this tale, the funny observations we made. as steffi and I were sitting having lunch we see a men with a painted blue face running up and down the street with a blue paintbrush. we realised that he was running up to this one lady on the corner and we just shrugged it off. after some time he was still doing it and i thought to myself, why the hell doesnt that lady just go away. as people walked down the street they stared and commented and everyone looked at this guy like a freak. then what we thought was his voice shouting, we discovered to be a man accross the street, conviniently standing next to three other men and a huge camera. what we thought to be some crazy man who was causing kaos just turned out to be some damn stunt.

i wish

but wait theres more

then on the train home i witnessed something great. these two really drug fucked people get on the train at melb central and get dirty looks from everyone. one thing i love to do on public transport is to watch people through the reflection on the glass, so that you can stare at them but they wont notice. anyways they go and sit next to this 17ish looking young dude and instead of ignoring the crazy ladies rantinges he takes off his ipod and talks to her. i might add that he did look shitscared at the start but after a few sentences of slurred words he started to talk quite well with the lady. now her fella was distracted with his shoes so their conversation kept going with no distractions. while everyone on the train was looking at this couple and frowning at the words coming out of this ladies mouth, this young lad kept his cool and was quite polite. when it was time for them to get off at jolimont waves and hand shakes were shared along with smiles, and i thought, why judge people on their appearence when this guys showed us anyone can get along. i smiled as she said goodbye about seven times and smiled at the other passengers with frowns still fixed on thier faces.

as the late great Micheal Jackson showed us…

i thank you


1 Response to “hair, lunch and funny observations”

  1. 1 Bridget
    July 2, 2009 at 10:15 am

    At first I thought; woah there, that hippy man has a nice pair of tanned leather tights on. At further observation, OH DEAR.

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