riding in the rain

I have to say, one of my most favourite things to do is riding my bike in the rain. In fact, doing anything in the rain is quite fun. I love that feeling you get when you passed the boundary of caring. At first when you are caught in the rain you think argh what an inconvinience, i dont need this. But as you get more and more wet, all these feelings just fade away, and i fing myself smiling. Now riding in such situations is one of the best things ever. Not only do you have water coming from above, but you are getting splashed from water off the road. You are practically left with no chance of dryness, so you just sit back and enjoy the moment. Another great thing is that in the rain, there are hardly any people, and you find that the city empties out and becomes yours.
Here are two songs i absolutely adore about the rain, very different but very very good.


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