I can be my own strobe light

Once again Anna and Carla (excuse if me if the spelling is wrong) put on a fucking good party. Although there was no action in the laneway, say no more, or final bout pool match, it was a damn fucking good night. As I sit here in my bed with not one but two doonahs I find myself smiling about how good this weekend has been. It started off with an all out cold as ice alley cat aranged by brendanx of fixed.org himself and has now been followed up by a rocking party. If the party wasn’t good enough, frat themed might I add, I enjoyed the pleasure of a nice drive with my best mate Max. Of cours cranking the music was essential, and for a man who has just got his licence, he is a damn clean driver. So after many beers and a bottle of wine micheal jackson had three songs in a row played and the urge to dance was far to great, As I said in earlier posts, I aint no black man but I sure do get in there and give it a shot. Apologies to Amity, she knows why, I just don’t know what came over me or do I really. Anyway to cut to the chase it was a great night shared with many a fellow gangstars and many a fellow bloggers and I hope that Anna and Carla get all the credit they deserve. As for the ladies it was another shit one, but that’s another story I totally ceebed typing up. Cheers!

you nerd!

you nerd!


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